This early Black Friday deal will get you a decent gaming laptop for less than $800, saving you over 35% on the list price

If you’re searching for a cheap laptop deal, then this offering from Dell might be for you. Using the code ‘DG715485AFF‘ you can get one of their G7 gaming laptops for $799.99 – that’s a saving of a massive $485! The laptop has a solid, considered composition but not a brand-new build: an i7-8750H processor, a GTX 1060 graphics card; 16GB of RAM; and a 128GB SSD/1TB HDD storage combo. (The SSD is a boot drive.) We know the appearance of a 1060 card will raise some eyebrows given how it’s been replaced by a few card iterations now. However. It’s still a GPU that’ll serve you very well for 1080p gaming, and combined with the other components should provide a comfortably competent gaming machine, if nothing blinding. The 1060 does give a decent graphical backbone to this laptop, which will be great as a go-to or everyday home or school-use laptop.

It’s one of many compelling early Black Friday game deals we’ve seen, and it’s a solid offering if you’re in need of a laptop that plays games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, and performs as a reliable and quality everyday machine too. It’s also worth throwing it out there that laptops with a similar spec and build are still going for around the $1000 mark so you’re saving a bunch of dollars on this machine and getting Dell’s warranty, build-quality, and service thrown in.

As early Black Friday deals go, it’s pretty good, and hopefully marks the starter’s gun on some smashing deals to come from Dell and their Alienware brand too. Fingers crossed, and keep a breast of the upcoming Black Friday gaming PC deals here in order to be fully informed ahead of the year’s big sales event.


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