Surprisingly good early savings on the Echo Show 5, the Echo Dot with Clock and refurbished Amazon devices.

Black Friday is no longer just a day, a weekend or even a full week. It’s pretty much all of November, as evidenced by Amazon’s just-launched Happy holidays page. It’s an overloaded, confusing mix of roughly 1,000 sale items, some of the daily deals, some of the “lightning deals” (which expire after a set number are sold or time runs out). At first glance, it seems like fairly standard Amazon fare, but there are some interesting — and decidedly good — deals in the mix. Below I’ve highlighted the best of them. See it at Amazon

As expected, some of the best discounts are on Amazon devices. But I found a few noteworthy non-Amazon deals as well, so let’s start with those:
23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit: $99 (save $100)

Got some saliva to spare? Send a little to 23andMe and receive back over 125 DNA-based reports on your health, wellness, ancestry and the like. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this kit, which normally runs $199.

Amazon Echo Show 5: $59.99 (save $30)

Yep, it’s nowhere near Black Friday, and the Echo Show 5 is already selling for less than it was on Prime Day. The little smart-speaker with the 5.5-inch display makes a great bedside companion, but it could also pull kitchen duty for things like recipe videos and video calls. See at Amazon

Amazon 2nd-generation Echo Show with Philips Hue Bulb: $180 (save $80)

The largest of the Echo Show products, this model features a 10-inch screen and Dolby-enhanced speakers. It normally runs $230 all by itself, but this bundle nets you a Philips Hue smart-bulb to kick-start (or expand) your smart-home setup. See at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock: $39.99 (save $20)

Well, that didn’t take long. The Echo Dot with Clock, announced just last month, is already heavily discounted. It’s basically the third-gen smart speaker you know and love, but with an embedded LED display that can show the time, the outdoor temperature or a countdown timer.

Don’t need those features? The original Echo Dot is back on sale for $29.99. See at Amazon

Certified-refurbished Kindle Paperwhite: $80 (save $50)

Because Amazon’s Certified Refurbished products are literally good as new (including the warranty), I’m comparing this to a new Paperwhite, which sells for $130. And this is the latest model, which offers a flush-front design and waterproof casing. Black Friday proper will likely see it selling new for $90, but why not save an extra $10 if you’re not giving up anything except retail packaging?

See at Amazon


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